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Re-Lyte Hydration Is Here

Re-Lyte Hydration Is Here

We're excited to announce that Redmond's super popular Re-Lyte Electrolytes are now back in stock with a fresh new name, fewer calories, and even more benefits! Keep reading to find out all the juicy details.

What's Changed? 

The Name
Re-Lyte Electrolyte Mix has a new name - say hello to Re-Lyte Hydration! Redmond's mission has always been to offer a natural and efficient way to stay hydrated every day, and we believe the new name reflects this perfectly.

The Label
Redmond has given the Re-Lyte Hydration label a makeover to make it even more visually appealing. Even better, Redmond is revamping the labels for Re-Lyte Immunity, Pre-Workout, and Boost as well, with each one sporting its unique colour palette, making it a breeze to differentiate between them right away.

The Calcium
Redmond has leveled up the formula, swapping calcium lactate for calcium carbonate. This upgrade brings some fantastic benefits, including improved mixability and fewer calories. Worried about calcium carbonate's quality or side effects? Rest easy, Redmond only use top-notch, pharmaceutical-grade, purified calcium carbonate. It's important to note that hydrating with Re-Lyte is not the same as taking calcium carbonate alone. When Re-Lyte dissolves, the calcium carbonate combines with citric acid to form calcium citrate, which is the most easily-absorbed and gentlest form of calcium for your tummy.

How It Mixes
If you're a fan of Re-Lyte Electrolytes, you'll know that the original formula required some extra time and effort to mix. But now, thanks to the new calcium change, the improved formula mixes quickly and with ease. Say goodbye to any hassle and enjoy your Re-Lyte even more!

The Calories
Attention fasting community! Get ready for some great news from Redmond. We're excited to announce that ALL Re-Lyte flavours are now calorie-free and more fasting-friendly than ever before. Thanks to the switch to calcium carbonate, Redmond have managed to reduce their flavoured Re-Lyte varieties from five calories per serving to ZERO. Enjoy the same delicious flavours guilt-free and keep up with your healthy habits.


There you have it. Beyond the name change and the calcium change, Redmond didn’t change much else in their winning Re-Lyte formula.

Re-Lyte still boasts the perfect balance of electrolytes, and it's still made with Redmond's unrefined, ancient sea salt Real Salt, which is mined in central Utah. Plus, it still contains more sodium than most electrolyte mixes, making it a great choice for replenishing lost fluids after sweating, without any sugar or artificial sweeteners.

You can rest assured that Re-Lyte is still the same reliable product you've come to trust. Available in all flavours now at LYTES

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